“I needed help sorting out all the practical matters after the divorce, so I attended a peer support cafe. I was also hoping to meet other people who had been through what I was going through. The event was a success and it made me feel a lot better. I had good conversations and got lot of good advice. I also got to talk about my own situation, which was important. I left with more confidence in my parenting skills.  I got a lot of help and valuable information and I would recommend the experience to others.”

A parent who took part in a peer support cafe organized by a member association of The Federation of Mother and Child Homes and Shelters


“I wanted to talk about my visitation rights and reflect on my own parenting. Attending a peer support event gave me new perspectives and I got a lot of advice on where to go to get help. It was great to get the chance to talk about my own ideas and consider different options. In my own experience, talking to other people in the same situation helps a lot and I would recommend attending a peer support event to other divorcees too.”

My experience attending a peer support group


“I went to an Eroneuvo (Divorce advice) lecture. I was looking for information on what the divorce would mean for my children and wanted to meet other people in the same situation. Hearing what other people had to say was valuable and the introduction given by staff was comprehensive and answered a lot of my questions. I left the event feeling like my family could survive the divorce. The event gave me a lot of new ideas and I would recommend Eroneuvo’s events to others considering divorce too.”

A parent who attended an Eroneuvo event


“It was good I went to the Eroneuvo event, because I gained a lot of understanding about childrens’ needs and how to take my children into consideration during the divorce. I also got a lot of good advice on co-parenting and how important it is, which I think is really good.”

A parent who attended an Eroneuvo event


“Attending the group was a valuable experience for me.  Listening to what other parents had to say made me think about my relationship with my ex-partner.”

A parent who attended the Vanhemman neuvo peer support group


“The Vanhemman neuvo peer support group for parents gave me a new perspective on my relationship with my ex. In particular I realized that it’s important to protect/work on the relationship we have as co-parents after the divorce. It also helped me see that working on our relationship and letting go of hatred would end up making me feel better too.”

  • A parent who attended the Vanhemman neuvo peer support group for parents