Sometimes parents have disagreements over custody of children and child maintenance after a divorce. Your parents might disagree over what your official address should be and who you should live with, when and how to organise visitation and whether your parents will share custody and make decisions involving you together or not. They might also argue over who pays for what and how to divide your expenses between themselves.

Your parents should aim to do what’s best for you. If your parents can’t come to an agreement, the case might go to court and a judge will decide what your parents should do. Even though court proceedings can take years, your parents and other adults might avoid talking about the custody dispute with you. Court proceedings can be confusing for adults too.

It’s good to talk about the divorce with your parents, friends, and adults you trust. You can find information on divorce at . You can also use the chat to talk to a professional. You don’t need to tell anyone in the chat your name or your parents’ names.