Our online chat helps children, teenagers and adults

Are you getting a divorce? Have you been considering divorce? Are you struggling with parenting after the divorce?

Do you need information on making contracts about your children? Are you concerned about your children’s wellbeing after the divorce?

You can find answers to the questions above and many more in our online chat. Our online chat is a good place to get help, advice, and support from a professional in divorce help. The chat is an individual discussion between you and a staff member. Chat staff are divorce help professionals from the Federation of Mother and Child Shelters, municipalities, and organisations we collaborate with.

The Children’s and Teenagers’ chat helps under 18 year-olds going through their parents’ divorce. The chat also helps children and teenagers with their own relationships and break-ups. Chat staff are workers specialised in helping children and teenagers with divorce from around the country.

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The Apua eroon chat is open

Mon 9am-10pm and 12pm-6pm

Tue 12pm-6pm. Questions involving cultural differences, international custody disputes and child abductions 6pm-8pm

Wed-Fri 12pm-6pm

Sat 2pm-5pm

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